Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Still Life

I never thought of myself as a photographer, but I managed to take some striking pictures during my visit. You can find a few of the best here.

A Spiritual Journey

This is a virtual tour of a Sai Gon pagoda. I had befrended two men who worked at the hotel I was staying in. On January 15th 2008, in the morning of my 32nd birthday, they invited me to visit their local temple.

Two Days In The Country

This video is a montage of me and my friends on a trip to Ben Tre, a small town in the southern tip of Viet Nam. We had fun.

Saigon Motorbike

This video may give you an idea of what driving in Saigon is like, as well as a feel for the area around the city. All of this footage was taken by me, or by my girlfriend as she rode on the back of my bike.